Tankini Swimsuits for Women

The reasons why so many women choose to wear tankini swimsuits vary. The fact that they offer more coverage, better support and come in flattering styles are just a few of the reasons. Here is all you need to know about this summer’s best deal in swimwear — tankinis.

leaf print tankini swimsuit

What is a tankini?

Simply, a tankini is a combination of a tank top and a bikini bottom. It was, initially, a popular choice for children’s swimwear but has crossed over to women’s swimwear after designs released by top designers in the late 1990’s showed just how fashionable and functional these women’s bathing suits can be.


Tankini swimsuits for women come in a variety of styles, patterns, fabrics and designs but have several qualities in common. The tank top, sometimes with spaghetti straps, goes all the way down to the belly button area to cover your mid-riff and provides much more coverage than a bikini.

purple tankini photo

Key benefits of tankini swimsuits:

  1. Women can now have better support for their bust as the tank top can be designed with adjustable cups to ensure fit.
  2. The tank top, especially those that have halter straps that tie around the neck, is more secure than a bikini and this allows the wearer greater freedom of movement and enables more activity. For example, women often wear tankinis to play volleyball or skimboard without having to worry about losing their top. This feature is especially popular among atheletes.
  3. The tank top design and length is flattering for almost all kinds of body shapes. If you’re not very comfortable about exposing your abs then the tankini bathing suit is great. It allows you to downplay some body parts and highlight others instead– like your legs. The tankini can also be a great option for those who have small busts. Underwire tankini tops and support cups are popular. Scoop necks can also accentuate your top.
  4. Bandeau-tankinis (which wrap around the torso like a tube top) and string halters flatter the right figure. Tankinis are also a great plus sized swimwear option. Tankinis that are especially designed for plus sized women come in a multitude of styles and cuts including shirred sides and with loose or flowy fringes on the top.

Different Tankini Designs

Unlike the one piece, the tankini has a more modern look and is a sexier style, because it can show a little more skin and also gives you the option of wearing different colors and styles of top with the same bottoms. You also don’t have to stick to the bikini style bottom, but can opt for a looser fitting short or skirt, also called a skirtini.

halter tankini swimsuits black and white

Even the basic tankini comes in many different designs, patterns and fabrics for women to choose from. The tank tops come with spaghetti straps, double straps, halter straps, straps wrapped around a ring in the middle and even strapless– like the bandeau tankini. Often, women who plan to do a lot of activities on the beach choose double strapped or halter-top for better security. Halter tops also have the ability to accentuate the bust and highlight curves making it one of the more popular choices.

Some women prefer the empire waist design found on some tops that cinch at the waist and help to minimize it. And some have hidden tummy panels that are perfect for making sure that your figure looks its best.

Colors and Materials

Choose colors that match your mood and body type. Tank tops that come in solid colors are a great choices for plus-sized women. Many prefer black tankini swimsuits— which is one of the most popular colors. Colored panels down each side are also very flattering on a fuller figure.

black tankini-Swimwear

Tankini bathing suits come in a variety of colors and patterns with floral designs and abstract images. The patterned fabrics tend to be better for slimmer figured women or those who have a more boyish, athletic figure and who want a little extra curve to their look.

They also come in bright and fun patterns which make great beach head-turners and are perfect for those who don’t mind the extra attention. Tankinis designed with stripes and fringes are also popular choices and make swimwear more fashionable and stylish.

As for fabrics– tankinis commonly come in lycra and nylon or spandex and cotton combination fabric for the top section with shorts usually made from a nylon and spandex combination with many being chlorine resistant.

Tankini swimsuits have become the swimwear of choice for many women– and appropriately so– as they offer so much compared to other bathing suit styles.