Advantages and Disadvantages of Tankinis

When it comes to summer swimwear, it’s easy to see that the advantages and disadvantages of tankinis are a bit lopsided. This is because there are far too many great things that tankinis offer to many women – of different shapes, sizes and ages! Here’s a list of why so many women choose to wear a tankini versus other bathing suit  options and why you should, too.

A tankini, to start, is similar to a two-piece bikini. But instead of a stringed top that only covers the woman’s chest, a tank top is paired with a bikini bottom. The word “tankini”, obviously, stems from both “tank top” and “bikini”. In this ensemble, the tank top covers most of the woman’s front torso– but not too much that it hinders moving freely but not too little that the wearer is left worrying about losing her top because of too much movement.

advantages and disadvantages of tankinis

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tankini Swimsuits

Advantages of Tankinis

    1. That brings us to the first advantage of tankinisA tankini swimsuit provides better support. What this means is this: when one wears a tankini, one is sure that the top fits securely on the body. A tank top in lieu of a bikini top allows support underwires and halter strings that tie around the neck to be attached to the clothing. There is no fear of accidentally breaking the snaps of the top, or unraveling the knots of the top strings and unnecessarily exposing oneself.

  1. Speaking of exposure, here’s advantage of tankini swimsuits number two — tankinis provide great coverage whether swimming or sunbathing. The entire front torso is covered by the tank top. Women who do not feel very comfortable about exposing their bellies will find tankinis to be their best friend on the beach. Women don’t have to worry too much about their bust, either, when it comes to tankinis. Whether one has a big bust size or a small one, tankinis and their different designs give women the choice to highlight or conceal what they want.

    polka dot tankini swimsuit

    One of the advantages of tankinis are the great designs

  2. Different flattering designs are tankini advantage number three. Because tankinis are flexible and provide better coverage, there is just plenty of room for different designs that fit the taste and requirements of every woman. A very popular tankini design is the halter top-style that has strings that tie around the neck. This kind of tankini provides better security and accentuates the shoulders and arms. The bandeau tankini– which is strapless and wraps around the body like a tube top– works well for women who want to expose a little extra skin. Empire-style tankinis, on the other hand, minimizes the waist as it cinches just right below the bust and flows more freely towards the belly downawards. This type is the choice of many women who are plus-sized or those who want more freedom and movement when wearing their tankinis.

Disadvantages of Tankini Bathing Suits

The only disadvantage of tankinis, really, is that it makes uneven tan lines on the wearer’s body. Due to the tank top’s design and coverage, the wearer might end up with tan lines that run above the chest or around the shoulders and may not be easily concealed.

But as anyone can see, the advantages and disadvantages of tankinis found in this article makes it clear why tankinis are still the swimwear of choice of many women.

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