Plus Size Swimwear Options to Choose the Best Plus Size Swimsuit

Having a plus size figure doesn’t mean you have to avoid the beaches or swimming areas, on the contrary, you can find the right swimsuit by understanding which plus size swimwear options will suit your figure the best. There are plenty of full figured women who look amazing poolside or at the beach, so how do they do it? Well, the main thing to is to know which plus size swimwear styles will work for your body type. Second is to know what flattering options are out there for those with fuller figures.

Plus Size Swimwear Styles

plus size swimwear tankini swimsuit

The pattern in this plus size tankini is very slimming.

So, now that you know you can look great, it is time to look at what styles will work for you. One of the major fashion trends nowadays is the tankini swimsuit. This is perfect for most plus size women, as it offers more coverage over the stomach and thigh area, but still gives you that sexy two piece look.

Another great option is to go for one of the huge ranges of slimming swimsuits. These have built in hidden panels that flatten your stomach area, giving you a sexy hourglass figure. Of course, these are traditional one piece bathing suits but they come in many varieties and you can opt for very alluring halternecks or low cut styles, that still look very sexy.

As far as patterns are concerned, go for small print whether it is floral or abstract. Sometimes a very busy pattern is a great style, especially one that boasts an interesting neckline and it can actually hide a multitude of sins, so to speak!

Sexy Plus Size Swimsuits

sexy plus size swimsuit

Aside from the styles, plus size swimsuits need to bring across your personality and also complement your figure– black tends to be the most popular choice for plus size women. However, there are some interesting patterns that can actually be very slimming, if you know what you are looking for.

One of the best patterns to go for if you have a larger midsection is downward curvy stripes, which are located down each side of the swimsuit and give the illusion of a smaller waistline. Another great option is to find swimsuits that are different tones of the same color, so for example, you could choose a pink bathing suit, where the middle panel across the waist is a slightly darker shade, making you look slimmer.

It is even better to have this panel going across at a diagonal, because this also breaks the line. Other pretty touches that have a slimming effect, are sashes or bands located under the bust, creating a flattering empire line. And with plus size tankinis, you can choose from boyshort or short skirts to hide the thighs a bit more.

plus size boy short tankini

Before you Choose Plus Size Swimwear

Before you go ahead and buy a plus size bathing suit, make sure that you take all of these aspects into consideration. However also make sure you find swimwear of great quality made with sun proof fabric to ensure that it will last a long time.

Aside from that, always have an open mind when you shop for swimwear. Having a negative attitude and automatically going for the black swimsuit might mean that you will never get to see how amazing you could look in something colorful, with a lower neckline and perhaps even showing a tiny bit more skin. Go on – dare to try new plus size swimwear options today!

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