Swimsuit Coverups – Sun Protection and Fashion for the Beach

Dressing up for the beach or pool is no longer just about the swimwear. Today’s fashion designers have given us swimsuit coverups that can finish any poolside or beachside look. Besides simply complementing your tankinis and following the current fashion trends, swim coverups have become a very important article of clothing. Why? Let’s take a closer look:

What are Swimsuit Coverups?

Bathing suit cover ups are lightweight garments made to be worn over bikinis and other swimwear. Aside from simply being shown off, a swimwear cover up serves as shelter from the sun and will help minimize your exposure to its harmful ultraviolet rays. These also work to keep you warm when you get out of the water, and allow a fast and easy transition from the beach to the streets or a seaside restaurant.

beach cover ups

Beach wrap dresses are just one of the many types of swimsuit coverups

Beach coverups can be worn for modesty, or to avoid getting attention at the pool or beach. If you’re shy about areas of your body that are normally concealed, like the upper thighs and stomach, then a coverup is an ideal choice. On the other hand, there are also designs that tend to reveal much more than they conceal for that added dose of sexiness.

Coverups are designed to be taken off with ease so expect many coverups to have a loose, elasticized, or tied design to allow quick removal. Some coverups have quick-release button designs, but stay clear of those with zippers as these can rust with frequent water exposure. Other ideal materials to choose are jersey knits and other stretchy fabrics as they can be easily pulled on and off, with no ties and straps required.

What are the Different Types of Coverups?


embroidered tunic beach coverup

These are light, oversized tops that usually fall below the waist or mid-thigh. Tunics come in both short and long sleeves so you have the option of covering up your arms while still flaunting your legs. A favorite choice among many women, tunics are often made from sheer materials that do not cling to the torso, creating a sexy look for just about any kind of tankini or other swimsuit.


tie dye caftan waist tie swimsuit coverup


Caftans are oversized and have wide sleeves that drop down on the sides, sometimes reaching the calves or ankles. These are good bathing suit cover ups for plus-sized women as they are made from free-flowing materials that don’t hug the body tightly. They are also a great option for someone looking to limit their sun exposure. A belt can be worn for cinching the dress at the waist to achieve a slimmer look.

Sarong/ Pareo

black white sarong

Sarong (also called Pareos) can be worn in many different ways. Wearing it around the waist gives that slimming effect. If you have an apple-shape body, you can benefit from wearing a sarong around the torso as it will even out the rest of your figure. It can even be wrapped around the neck for emphasizing your shoulders and balancing out the other parts of your body. The Pareo looks similar to a ┬ásarong but originated in Tahiti. In most parts of the world “Sarong” and “Pareo” are used interchangeably.

Wrap Dresses

turquoise beach wrap dress cover up

These coverups can be very flattering on a wide variety of body types. Aside from flattering big busts and providing ample support, wrap dresses also create curves and lines where you want them. For women with slimmer builds, wrap dresses can make you look long and lean.

Why Wear Coverups Instead of Other Options?

While cheap and last-minute options like T-shirts and the old beach towel tied around the waist are possible, they are just plain boring and lazy. Swimsuit coverups on the other hand will make you appear sensual and exotic at the same time. What’s more is that a coverup will let you freely accentuate certain parts of your body, and even hide or disguise other parts of your body that you don’t want to be exposed while at the beach or pool.

With the wide availability of exotic and sheer garments, swimsuit cover-ups can serve as a seductive robe for nightwear or a fashionable item to wear on boats, beach resorts, and while dining at a casual restaurant. Most of these garments can also be washed and dried in a washing machine while some are even resistant to crumpling. These two factors will come in very handy for travel or just throwing in a beach bag.

Whether you’re going out in the beach or taking a dip in the pool, your tankini or other swimwear is incomplete without a coverup. Thanks to these functional and fashionable pieces of clothing, there’s no good reason for you to let concerns about sun protection or body issues keep you away from the beach or pool. With the wide range of styles, designs, and options available, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding the best coverup for you. So get one now and start enjoying the sun!

Five types of Swimsuit Coverups