The Most Popular Swimwear Trends

Deciding what to wear to the beach can be a nerve wracking affair for many women, so let’s explore the latest and most popular swimwear trends, so you know exactly what to wear this summer. What will people think of you, will you look sexy, and most importantly will you be comfortable while sun bathing or swimming? Well, the classic options, such as one piece swimsuits, are always a good choice, but there are some interesting new items in the swimwear fashion world that are taking the world by storm. These bathing suit trends include the tankini (pictured below) and monokini.

swimwear trends tankini

The tankini is one of the most popular trends in swimwear this season

The Stylish Tankini for All Body Types

One of the reasons that tankinis are so popular is that they give the best coverage and are the ultimate choice for any body type, specifically if you have a fuller figure than most. The tankini consists of bikini bottoms and a separate tank top styled in the latest patterns. This has a similar effect to a one piece, but also has a slightly sexier appeal. Some tankini bathing suits consist of loose fitting bottoms in a short or skirt style, which is highly popular with plus size women.

The Revealing, Yet Functional Monokini

black monokini

The original monokini was designed to be merely bikini bottoms held up by two straps over the shoulders meeting between the breasts, ultimately leaving the breasts uncovered. However, this trend did not catch on, especially in areas of the world, where topless bathing is just not done. A compromise was made where the bikini bottoms were attached to a bikini top by way of a small piece of fabric.

There are hundreds of different styles that can be open at the back, meeting in the middle, leaving the sides of the body open, or some even have small criss cross straps down each side, but leave the stomach and back bare. Many women love the monokini because it is extremely sexy, but does have a bit more stability, shall we say, than a bikini top which has the tenancy to move or lift up, especially when swimming in the sea or diving into a pool.

One Piece Swimwear Trends

Aside from these newer fashion items, the other popular swimwear trends continue to be the one piece swimsuits, which have been elegantly transformed into more fashionable swimwear by way of low necklines, cut outs between the breasts and halter neck ties.

For the fuller figured woman, one piece swimsuits are still an ideal choice, especially one piece suits that have special hidden tummy panels that flatten and shape the body. The latest trends include boy cut, mimicking the 1950’s swimsuit styles, cinched waistlines, ruffled necklines, strapless styles, cut outs, and intriguing criss crossed fabric.

Swimwear Trends for the Bikini

bikini swimsuit

Of course, the ultimate swimsuit choice for many women around the world is the bikini, which this season is all about ruffles and crochet, as well as vintage 1950’s styles, digital prints, and one shoulder pieces, favoring a wide strap of contrasting color to the rest of the bikini. Another of the more popular swimwear trends is to have plenty of straps, either across the shoulders, or on each side of the bikini bottoms for an alluring look.