The Most Flattering Swimsuits for Curvy Women

Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, and with their voluptuous bodies come varying tastes as well.  Summer is here, and the time is now to find the most flattering swimsuits for curvy women.  There are numerous styles; and when you find the right one, you can get excited about your beach body (however “perfect” it is).

Marilyn Monroe knew how to find a swimsuit for curvy women

To some women, the term “flattering swimsuits” is an oxymoron.  That does not have to be the case when you look into swimsuits for curvy women.  Keep in mind that Marilyn Monroe was a size 10– she looked pretty good in a swimsuit!  Below are a few swimsuit styles that work best for women who have a little extra shape to their bodies:

  • Tankinis – These swimsuits are just what they sound like: a tank top bikini.  If you have a midsection issue, these are one of the most flattering swimsuits for you.  The midsection is completely covered by the tank top, and the bottoms are just like a regular bikini.  These swimsuits come in a plethora of colors and styles and are sure to work with just about any summer wardrobe.  Some women even wear their tankini as part of their outfits until they want to swim or lay out in the sun.
  • Tummy Slimming Swimsuits – These fashionable suits are perfect for people who have issues with their midsections but do not wish to wear a tankini.  The panels within the inner linings of these flattering swimsuits for curvy women work perfectly to suck in that extra that you wish to hide while still making you feel sexy and attractive.  You do not have to look as though you are trying to hide something while you are hiding it.  Your curves can become emphasized in the best way when you use a tummy slimming swimsuit.
  • Miraclesuits – These innovative new swimsuits have a state-of-the-art fabric that makes you look slimmer without the use of bulky layers, inner linings, or control panels.  The motto of the maker is “Lose 10 pounds in 10 seconds,” and you may experience the same thing if you try one on.  These flattering swimsuits come in several patterns to help accentuate the good parts of your figure, from floral designs to attractive solids.  Try on one of these if you wear anything to a size 16; and they even have new swimsuits with underwire for extra support.

Look into these flattering swimsuits for curvy women and you won’t be disappointed.  There is no way that you won’t find what you’re looking for when you know where to start.  You can usually find something that works with your personal style and needs either online or at your favorite retailer.  Look around and have some faith that you will find what you seek.  Don’t waste any more time worrying about finding the perfect suit.  You’re beautiful– so show it off.